Electric Tricycle for Cargo Applications - VIPi

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8th October, 2020

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Innovative delivery solutions with electric mobility

As a result of innovative GEM technology and successful cooperation in the development phase and the establishment of a long-term partnership, VIP-VIRANT company has successfully integrated GEM G2.4 in-wheel motors into their electric tricycle for cargo application – VIPi.


Electric Tricycle for Cargo Applications - VIPi in Action

Driving through the narrow streets and avoiding traffic jams in the large cities is made easier with a dynamic delivery vehicle. Designed as a three-wheeler without doors VIPi allows for quick access on and off the vehicle and at the same time ensures the deElectric Tricyclivery efficiency. The integration of in-wheel motors saves space and allows higher cargo compartment capacity. Due to two GEM G2.4 in-wheel motors VIPi is fast, agile, easy to drive with minimum licence needed. It reduces the driving and insurance costs and most important it is suitable for driving in closed city areas. Moreover, it improves and supports global sustainability initiatives using zero-emission vehicles with low noise level and contributes to the quality of life in urban city areas.

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