GEM motors engages in the development and production of innovative and genuine propulsion solutions for electric mobility.

The expert team at GEM motors is dedicated to providing sustainable products and creative solutions, which presents a real gem for the customer.


The name GEM represents the first letters of the Movement, Electricity and Magnetics in Slovenian language that exactly define the business area of the company – electromagnetic drives. Moreover, a GEM is a precious stone and a symbol for beauty and preciousness, which also symbolizes our new technology solution that is beyond state of the art by its technical beauty, simplicity, and supremacy.

 Our Team


To become a leading innovative company for advanced electric drive solutions for small and light electric mobility.


GEM motors is dedicated to shaping the future of light electric mobility with advanced, high quality, reliable and smart electric drive solutions with superior performance that will increase the attractiveness of using electric vehicles in daily urban transportation.

Our customers are using our professional support for complete electric drive solutions to increase attractiveness of their electric vehicle products for the end users due to premium driving experience with GEM electric drives.

We do care for the environment and the people, therefore we strive for the sustainable future solutions that increase the quality of living; at the same time, we support professional growth of our employees, encouraging them to express their best creative potential.



"We do what we really like to do. And we are on a mission of future sustainability."

value - passion


"Our inspiration is freedom of creativity: everything is possible."

value - innovation


"We create outstanding products: simple and beautiful solutions like GEM-s."

value - excellence


"We believe in people, respect our co-workers and have trust in our company."

value - integrity


"We continuously grow personally and professionally and learn from mistakes."

value - progress




Company founded by dr. Simon Mandelj


Presentation of innovative modular multiphase in-wheel electric motor


Complete electric drive solutions with GEM in-wheel motors 


Start of custom motor development


Start of EU project for GEM in-wheel drive


Set up series production of GEM in-wheel drive


Simon Mandelj
Simon Mandelj

Founder and CEO

Dr. Simon Mandelj is the founder and CEO of the company; he founded the company 2010 with a new idea of propulsion technology.

He believed that we deserved much better electric drive propulsion for small electric vehicles that would enhance the quality of our living. He used his powerful creative drive for the research of electromagnetic phenomena and based on his findings started to develop an advanced and innovative electric motor prototype in a garage. 

His invention of the direct in-wheel drive was recognized by private investors, important customers and international experts as one of the most creative solutions, with a disruptive potential for future urban electric mobility.