24th April, 2023

The company GEM motors has received the Red Dot Award: Product Design Award 2023 for its GEM in-wheel drive G1.X electric motor, redesigned by Studio Miklavc. The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious and renowned design awards in the world and it has been awarded for outstanding design achievements since 1955.

The redesign of the product was part of the wider project to modernize the image of the company, which develops innovative and high-tech motors for electric vehicles. The prestigious Red Dot Award was given to the company based on outstanding design quality and high-level innovation.

“By integrating the entire electric drive into the wheel, the GEM electric drive exceeds the current electric drive systems for light electric vehicles on various levels. Above all, at the level of complete electromagnetic, electrical and mechanical integration, the GEM electric drive is one step ahead of current advanced electric drive solutions that use classic mechanical power transmissions and motor controllers. With the design renovation, we have increased the added value and functionality of the product, which represents an innovation on a global scale,” emphasizes Dr. Simon Mandelj, CEO and founder of the company GEM motors. In addition, he says, “The Red Dot Award will certainly bring greater recognition to the company, especially on the international market, where we are entering into new partnerships. The outstanding design of the motor is different from other products on the market because we use a specially designed concave surface of the cover, unlike the usual convex shapes. Due to the precision of the final shape and curves, the product is impeccable and opens up new dimensions of drive solutions in the global light electric vehicle market. There is great interest in our award-winning G1.X motor around the world and it is already being used in many countries in Europe, America and Asia.”

The feeling of movement even if the motor is idle

The basic theme of the image renewal was ‘movement’ (“Gibanje”), which represents for users the main applicable value of GEM motors’ products. It is also the first word in the abbreviation GEM, in addition to ‘electricity’ (“Elektrika”) and ‘magnetism (“Magnetika”). The dynamics of movement is also present in the company logo and in other graphic elements. The identity and colors indicate that this is an advanced technological company. The design of the new logo adopts a symbolic composition of the electric motor, stator and rotor, from the previous logo, but all these is now hidden in the negative space. The orientation of the shapes indicates a spiral, which associates the rotation and infinity/renewability that electric drives can offer. The design of the motor follows the shape of the logo sign with the outer boundaries of the cooling fin surfaces, thus containing the elements of rotation and spiral. The orientation of the individual ribs further enhances the impression of movement, which is present even when the motor is idle and contributes to greater functionality of the product, especially a more efficient thermal regulation and easier maintenance and cleaning. A less obvious advantage is the adaptation of the new production process, where milled housings are replaced with cast ones. This represents a much more favorable solution for mass production and reduces the final price.

“GEM motors develops and manufactures electric motors, intended for use in light electric vehicles of other manufacturers. The challenge for companies that produce components for other companies is how to convey information about the use, their advantages and, last but not least, about the values of the company to the public via the built-in product. It is precisely in such cases that it is necessary to put more effort into the overall image of the company and products, and thereby increase the effectiveness of the communication,” emphasizes Prof. Jure Miklavc, founder and director of Studio Miklavc. He also emphasizes, “During the renovation, we paid a lot of attention to building the system recognition of the GEM motors’ family of motors and to the communication of advanced, high-quality solutions in the environment of light electric mobility.”