18th March, 2024

Innovative solution, powered by GEM motors, that will change the aviation industry

Roboxi is a multi-functional autonomous solution for the aviation industry. The project gathered a team of experienced innovators and engineers, GEM motors being among them, developing state-of-the-art airport technology.

Roboxi is reshaping the airport runway industry

Established in 2018 in Norway, Roboxi’s mission is to transform the airport runway industry by utilizing robotic solutions. With a fully remote-controlled platform, developed by Velo Robotics and Roboxi, the vehicle is capable of integrating automated and autonomous functions. The Roboxi robot’s modular design allows for the simultaneous deployment of multiple pieces of technology – all of which can be specifically adapted to the airport requirements. The various components run in parallel, significantly reducing the cost and time associated with manual runway inspections and maintenance. The Roboxi operation is managed from a single command center through wireless communication. In practice, one command center can control Roboxi operations at all airports in Norway. By utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology, Roboxi solves numerous runway challenges simultaneously:

Light inspection

Airports currently deploy personnel to visually inspect every runway lightbulb twice daily, manually reporting every faulty bulb.

Runway surface inspection

Maintaining the runway surface is a critical and costly operation which currently requires engineers to carry out manual inspections over a long period of time to determine what maintenance action is required.

Bird deterrent

Bird strikes cause billions of dollars of damage to commercial airlines annually.
Airports employ staff for up to 18 hours daily to deter birds with revolver shots.

FOD detection & removal

FOD (Foreign Object Debris) on the runway causes billions of dollars of damage to commercial airlines annually.

Roboxi is powered by GEM in-wheel drives – a patented modular multiphase motor technology using the four-wheel drive traction system (4WD), for advanced and efficient propulsion. GEM motors has developed the complete powertrain system including the battery pack, the charger, and the motor control unit. To meet all the requirements of this demanding project, the new generation of GEM VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) has been implemented into the vehicle with all required functional safety. The integration of all components into the vehicle and the communication with the remote control system is simple and easy to operate. To provide good performance on the road, electric motors provide overall 28KW of nominal power and 1120Nm of torque.

The remote autonomous driving feature represents cutting-edge technology, leading the future trend in advanced e-mobility solutions. One of the main advantages of this system is a full integration of the motor and motor controller inside the wheel, with fast and advanced CAN communication protocol that facilitates an excellent four-wheel traction system. This makes it capable of operating in Norwegian harsh environment, including snow, low temperatures, ice, and strong wind.

Equipped with high-end technology, autonomous vehicles, such as Roboxi, will significantly increase efficiency and safety, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions from operations globally.


Photography: Roboxi