18th March, 2022

Auto Tech Outlook, a leading automobile technology magazine featuring insightful articles, news, views, reviews, and expert opinion, awarded GEM Motors with a title Top Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Solutions Provider in Europe 2022!

GEM motors received the award based on innovative technology, visionary design and several success stories, all featured in the cover story of Auto Tech Outlook:

  • “Manufacturers are hindered by the exorbitant pricing of EVs—a challenge that they cannot resolve without compromising on the efficiency and performance of their electric drive system. GEM Motors addresses this challenge with its patented, modular multiphase motor technology that integrates all components of an electric drive system into a compact solution and simplifies the electrification of vehicles while minimising their weight and transmission costs.”
  • “Unlike typical electric drive systems that are bulky and highly complex, GEM Motors’ solutions are visionary designs with a low number of parts which effectively optimise the space to drive simplicity and superior performance.”
  • “At the heart of the success is the company’s laser focus on providing advanced e-drive solutions with premium performance and high quality for more demanding applications in the LEV market. Due to modular motor design, GEM motors can provide motor samples with customisation in a very short time, which is attractive for customers that are limited with project deadlines.”
  • “With such strong core competencies, GEM Motors has ignited several success stories in the LEV segment since its inception. The company helped Swiss-based BICAR develop their innovative three-wheel urban mobility solution for last-mile delivery. Similarly, GEM Motors played an important role in the development of three-wheel vehicle VIPI for cargo transportation and utility applications. With respect to other applications, GEM Motors is also working toward developing generators that convert oscillating energy and vibrations to electric energy for ship, road, and rail transport.”

GEM Motors is the brainchild of Dr. Simon Mandelj, whose belief that mankind deserved better electric drive propulsion for LEVs led to transformative R&D powered purely by passion and creativity. He shares his vision about electric mobility and our revolutionary products that are shaping the future of electric drive solutions in the last issue of the magazine.

Read the full article here.