14th April, 2022

You wonder why electric mobility is our future? Well, Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) have great potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector and thus contribute to climate protection.

Following are just short summaries of a study conducted by the German Aerospace Center:

  • Half of the kilometres currently driven by car in Germany could theoretically be covered by LEVs. This would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40 percent compared to car trips. That would mean around 57 million tonnes less emissions per year.
  • With large and heavy cars, a major portion of the propulsive energy is used to move the vehicle itself, while only a fraction is used to move the occupants. LEVs can significantly improve this ratio. Due to their lower weight, the battery can be smaller, thus also consuming fewer raw materials in production and causing fewer climate-damaging emissions.
  • »It becomes clear that a large passenger car is not necessarily needed for short distances, and that LEVs are definitely an alternative. They continue to enable individual mobility, but in a much more sustainable way,«  explains Laura Gebhardt, who analysed mobility data for the study.

There is still a long way to go for LEVs!

Supporting measures are necessary, including increasing the public acceptance of these vehicles. Incentives for purchase and use, regulatory measures, the development of the necessary infrastructure and more comfortable and safe vehicle concepts are also important steps. GEM motors is making giant steps towards the future! Our technology and innovations are addressing the needs of electric mobility that will definitely contribute to a more sustainable way of living in the future.

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