14th February, 2022

Our technology team is always on a search for new creative projects and we never run out of ideas. We set ourselves goals that are not in the spirit of current needs, but in the spirit of needs that are yet to emerge.

To highlight the performance of our innovative electric drive technology, our development team made a new vehicle conversion project: the legendary Fiat 500 is now an-all electric vehicle. We started to prepare this conversion in December 2020 and since then our development team of a mechanical, electrical and mechatronic engineer and simulation and software development engineers, under the mentorship of our creative mind Aleksander Pohlen, invested 2.300 working hours into this project.

The car was first »peeled off« to pure steel construction frame, after that new electric drive and other components were properly integrated into the vehicle. After the installation the large part of these components were wired and connected into the vehicle neuralgia centre in the central electronic unit. The aim of the project was to build a showcase vehicle, powered by our new product – 15 KW in-wheel G3 electric motors. These new electric motors are customized and suitable for a higher, larger segment of vehicles of a more than 1.000 kg total gross weight.

We used the in-wheel concept of the electric motor drive, which means that electric motors are located inside the wheels and the rims. The transfer of power to the road is direct, without any transmission losses. Therefore, since electric motors and motor controllers are not placed inside the vehicle as with other electric propulsion technologies, we have saved a lot of space for batteries and associated components. For example, when we removed the original gasoline engine with the gearbox, we could easily install batteries with all control and monitoring elements in this space.

With this conversion, we reached our goal — the original look of the iconic Fiat 500 that drives and steers equally or even better than the original. Only the “no-sound” ignition of the car indicates that »our« Fiat 500 is in fact an all-electric vehicle. Many additional elements integrated into the vehicle are not seen, since they are incorporated into the vehicle body structure. We developed an additional torsion spring on the rear axle, which further stabilizes the rear wheels with electric motors. The result is a superb grip and an almost ideal weight distribution.

This is not the first conversion of this type of vehicle. From 2020 onwards, we can buy the new Fiat NEW 500, a factory-electrified Fiat 500. Before that, there were only a few known modifications. However, all of these electrified versions are based on a different electric propulsion concept than ours.

We are in the process of testing the converted Fiat 500 and are still looking for technical improvements that could be used in the electric vehicle industry in the future.