2nd February, 2022

Together with partners GEM motors will present an OSCI-GEN project — innovative generators for electricity production. Innovation using wave energy represents a new way to increase and use sustainable energy and reduce emissions of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

On the basis of obtained funds in the public tender for “Promotion of research and development projects” (TRL 3-6), co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union – European Fund for regional development, GEM motors successfully completed the OSCI-GEN project. The purpose of the project was to address an extremely interesting opportunity to use the available energy source, which has not been used so far. After more than three years of research and development, GEM motors will introduce innovative generators to convert oscillation and vibration energy of maritime vessels, road and railway traffic into electricity.

The solutions enable the global potential of energy saving. Even 1% less fuel used for shipping and road transport would mean the consumption of 9 million tons less fossil fuels per year and approx. 18 million tons less CO2 emissions and other harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The OSCI-GEN project will contribute to key objectives, including a new approach to increasing and using sustainable energy, improving and increasing the use of sustainable mobility, and reducing emissions and improving air quality.

You are cordially invited to join public presentation of OSCI-GEN project on Wednesday, February 2, at 10 am. Presentation will take place online, via Microsoft Teams.

The presentation will be attended by representatives of GEM motors and project partners: Etra d. o. o.; Primum d. o. o., Faculty of Energy Technology, University of Maribor and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Novo mesto.