12th November, 2020

Integrating smart and light electric vehicles (LEV), recharging infrastructure, smart electric grid, and mobility-on-demand through urban-scale electronic ‘nervous system’ provides foundation for creating a smart sustainable city. These cities achieve high standard levels of transportation in terms of operational quality, energy efficiency and carbon minimization and thus represent a future of high-quality urban living.

In many cities throughout the world, light personal electric vehicles provide the least expensive form of powered personal mobility. They are light, small, economical to operate, easy to park, but they provide much better driving experience as bicycles, providing higher traveling speeds and grater carrying capacity. Therefore, they become very popular in urban areas and are widely used for short distance traveling in many countries in the world.

There are still prevailing vehicles with gasoline-powered motor, like scooter, mopeds, rickshaws, etc, that are a major source of urban noise, local air pollution, and carbon emissions. The solution for these problems is an electric powered LEV, for example e-scooters with advanced in-wheel drives, that are clean, silent, and simpler and more economical to maintain. Their (lithium-ion) battery packs are small enough to be conveniently removable, which opens the possibilities of charging spare batteries at home, and of battery vending machines that accept discharged batteries and provide fully charged ones. For people who wish to have more comfort, a small electric car or trike is probably a better choice, since it offers weather protection, more people can join a drive and it provides generous storage for baggage, groceries, and other personal belongings. Small electric car powered by in-wheel drives, doesn’t need a traditional central engine with transmission and mechanical differential to power the wheels. Instead, wheels are directly driven by the motor, that allows extra steering and agile manoeuvrability inside the cities and regenerative braking for more efficient driving. GEM inwheel drives represents the most advanced and compact solution on the market, all-in-one: electric motor, motor controller and the wheel, that is a perfect solution for space demanding transporting applications. A different power levels are suitable for various applications, including e-scooters and other two-wheelers, trikes and three-wheelers or small electric cars with four wheels (see different applications).

To extra support the customer into a transition to electric powered mobility solution, a special complete package for the electric propulsion (GEM drives with battery + BMS, VCU, display) for small and light electric vehicles is provided by GEM motors experts that successfully accomplished several referenced projects till now.

Keywords: GEM electric drive, urban mobility, light electric vehicles, LEV, gem motors